Emergent Inquiry monthly practice group at LAC

Fact: Living Arts Collective is an enchanting space that draws interesting and wonderful journeyers through its doors.
Fact: I’m leading a monthly practice group exploring the life of the soul and the navigation of our unfolding initiatory journeys.
Conclusion: I’m excited and you’re invited. Info below.

Emergent Inquiry monthly practice group at Living Arts Collective, 410 W Greer St, Durham, NC
Second Thursday of the month; 7:15pm–8:50pm; $12–$20 sliding scale
Next session: Thursday, August 8

This contemplative, somatic, and soul-oriented monthly class invites participants into an ongoing inner exploration of our unfolding initiatory journeys, featuring guided individual inquiries, paired processes, and optional opportunities for working directly with the class facilitator. Drawing on meditative traditions, depth psychology, understandings of soul-centric human development, and Focusing—a mindfulness-based, embodied approach to growth and healing—this class supports us in working with inner material in a transformative space, deepening our contact with the core of our being, and walking our most authentic and purposeful path. Each month will feature different guided explorations and processes; feel free to journey with us month-to-month, or drop in for individual classes as you like.

About the facilitator: Simon Spire brings to his facilitation years of exploration of self-inquiry, non-dual wisdom traditions, and meditative practices; the perspectives of post-conventional human development and soul-centric depth psychology; and his long experience with artistry and the creative process. He holds a bachelor’s degree in economics from the University of Auckland and a master’s degree in psychology from Columbia University; is a Certified Trainer of Focusing, a mindfulness-based, somatic approach to psychological healing and development; has completed a yearlong soulcraft immersion and vision quest with Bill Plotkin and Animas Valley Institute; and is currently pursuing doctoral studies. He has been a director with organizations active in social entrepreneurship, leadership development, and mental health, and was led from his New Zealand homeland to the US by his career as a recording artist and songwriter. Further info at www.EmergentInquiry.com