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What shape waits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?
— David Whyte
Simon Spire

The essence of my work lies in accompanying people on their unfolding initiatory journeys through life. I see my role as that of a guide supporting the deepening of a person’s experience of the core of who they are and their increasingly lived connection with what soulfully wants to emerge in and as their life.

My approach is informed by over 15 years of intensive study and practice in meditative and wisdom traditions coupled with deep inquiry into the nature of human development, including a master’s degree in clinical psychology, counseling training, a two-year certification training in Focusing–Oriented Therapy—a mindfulness-based, somatic approach to psychological healing and development—a yearlong vision quest immersion, training in the facilitation of authentic life purpose discovery and embodiment, developing and teaching workshops that support people in orienting and awakening to their inner lives, and years of professional experience in artistry and the creative process.

By creating a space for encountering the deeper layers of our experience, our challenges, and the continual unfolding of our awareness and authentic expression, I partner with people in their transformative development and awakening, their healing, and in walking their most authentic path.

What does it look like to work together?

I work with people in a setting that is both conversational and contemplative. Whether we are discussing longer-term dynamics or what might be presently arising in your inner and outer life, our focus is typically on directly exploring the underlying, felt layers of conditioning and emergence that give rise to your current experience and that also hold the seeds of your deepest call and most authentic expression.

Regardless of the material in question, such as wounds, awakening, stuckness, or growth, I believe that it is our ability to come into relationship with the implicit levels of our experience in a supported and guided space—rather than limiting our attention to verbal discussion only—that opens the way for real shifts to happen. When we truly allow space for what’s wanting our attention, anything arising in our experience can be supported in finding its own natural, forward movement and integration. This level of contact with one’s own inner life is therefore at the heart of my work with people.

As material arises, we encounter it within a healing, evolutionary, and transformative context, attending to both the known matters and to what is freshly revealing itself beyond our current knowing at the edge of our consciousness. I find that what really drives most of us is not so much seeking temporary relief or a fix to make us feel better, but the pull of a deepening experience of life, of its vastness, of our intimacy with it, and of the song of our own souls. As we welcome more of our fullness and of the threads of our own genuine self into our experience, everything we encounter in life can begin to become fuel for this ongoing initiation.

Ultimately, my work is about supporting people in continuing to open to the larger conversation with life that’s wanting to emerge. Inherent in my approach is an orientation toward questions such as what does it mean to be in an ongoing conversation with the depths of who we are? How can we respond to the whispers of life and walk our authentic path in the world? And how might we let our life be a response to and expression of our truest nature? At such an important moment in the human story and planetary story, the truth is that life needs us inhabiting our core nature and living our truest expression and gifts into the world. My purpose as a guide is to facilitate the beauty of each of us stepping more into the greater wholeness of who we are; I think that this invitation is an essential component of the Great Work of our time.

Getting Started

I work with people from across the country and internationally via video conferencing (Zoom, Skype, etc.). I also see people in person for those who live in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Sessions typically last about 60 minutes. I happily offer free 20-minute consultations for exploring if working together feels like a good fit for you—just ask when you contact me. I work with people from all kinds of backgrounds and with a variety of interests and aims, and no particular kind of experience is required. Perhaps the only prerequisite for working together effectively is an openness to being in the process of exploring oneself and one’s place in the world. There are three different formats through which I partner with people:

Individual Sessions:

Individual sessions can be scheduled by contacting me via email or phone—or simply use the contact form below. I often see clients weekly or every other week, though it's also possible to work together less regularly. In our first session, we will discuss your preferences and needs and how we might work best together. Private sessions are charged at $80/session (usually via PayPal or Venmo). I also offer discounts for students and those in need.

Soulcentric Mentoring:

I find that the most productive way of partnering with people is within a clear container that includes an arc, direction, and mutual intention. My preferred way of working is within a mentorship model that includes two 60-minute sessions each month; email correspondence between sessions for any questions that arise; and suggested activities, inquiries, or materials for you to explore between sessions. This allows us to work deeply with what is wanting to integrate, shift, or emerge in your life, with a strong focus on the inner and soulful dimensions of your path. I partner with you as a guide and also assist in creating a container and context within which your transformative development, awakening, and authentic purpose discovery and embodiment can unfold in a powerful way. Mentorship is charged at $190/month (usually via PayPal or Venmo). Please contact me via email or phone to explore this option.

Individual Quest format and Purpose Guiding:

Furthermore, within the Soulcentric Mentoring category and pricing structure, I also work with people in an Individual Quest format. This incorporates the 12-module Purpose Discovery Program developed by Purpose Guides Institute, which I offer as a Certified Purpose Guide, and culminates in a solo, full-day quest in your local area. To learn more about this format, read about the group Emergent Quest program here. The individual format takes place over 12 or more individual, 60-minute sessions, and is charged at the mentoring monthly rate (or $95/session). There are many similarities between the individual and group formats, with the major differences being that the individual quest is tailored to your specific path, can be conducted remotely (online), and includes an abundance of individual focus and direct facilitation from me, whereas the in-person group format allows for group experiential activities and a collective arc. Finally, a number of elements from the group Emergent Quest format can be incorporated into the Individual Quest format, if desired, such as preparation for a day quest at the right point in your journey.

Some Kind Words

Simon has a gentle strength. He creates a safe space where I feel free to explore going really deep, and I experience being seen, listened to, and supported. His instincts and intuitions are a great guide to allowing healing for what’s ready to be healed.
— Scott, Pittsboro, NC
I began this journey feeling stuck and a bit lost. I’ve been going through some big changes and knew I needed some guidance. I now feel more clear than ever about who I am, having gained perspective of my personal challenges and strengths. And I feel emboldened to step across this new threshold having had all of the gems and highlights of my journey mirrored back to me. It’s been powerful to experience someone willing to hold space for me, to question and explore the deepest parts of my soul. I would recommend this purpose work to my best friends; to anyone who isn’t satisfied living life on the surface. Anyone ready to open to their Larger Self. It’s a beautiful, intense journey that will challenge you beyond your comfort level. It’s no easy task, but it is oh so worth it!
— 2019 Emergent Quest/Purpose Program participant
I cherish you, the many lessons you have taught me, and the simple, graceful and authentic way you carry yourself and make contact with soul. I am very grateful for our time together.
— Sarah, Toronto, ON
I value and appreciate your wisdom and I am so lucky to have had you as a guide. You have an ageless soul and a calming, grounding presence that I really admire.
— Madison, Raleigh, NC
It is work that enriches my being. I feel honored to know you and to have transformed through what I’ve learned.
— Michelle, Greensboro, NC
Simon is an incredibly gifted facilitator whose unique skills, intuitive insights, and integrated depth of wisdom combine to form a powerful process of authentic, somatic discovery of one’s inner dimensions. Simon has a gentle presence and creates a space for one to contemplate, heal, and reveal new aspects of self. He guides one into layers of acceptance and illuminates the aspects of self that need healing. His reflective questions, deep listening and techniques allow one to touch the core of one’s inner self where the truth resides.
— Jess, Greensboro, NC

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