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What shape waits in the seed of you to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?
— David Whyte
Simon Spire

The essence of my work is accompanying people on their ongoing initiatory journeys. I see my role as that of a guide and catalyst supporting people in their ongoing transformative development and awakening, in their healing, and in walking their most authentic path in contact with their inherent freedom and wholeness.

My approach is informed by 15 years of intensive study and practice in meditative and wisdom traditions coupled with deep inquiry into the nature of human development, including a master’s degree in clinical psychology, counseling training, a two-year certification training in Focusing–Oriented Therapy (based on the work of Eugene Gendlin), a yearlong vision quest training, extensive study of the Alexander Technique, developing and teaching workshops that support people in orienting and awakening to their inner lives, and years of professional experience in artistry and the creative process.

By creating a space for encountering the deeper layers of life’s challenges and the continual unfolding of awareness and authentic expression, Emergent Inquiry supports profound growth, healing, insightful forward movement, and connection to the current of one’s life.

What Happens in an Emergent Inquiry Session?

  • We begin each session discussing what might be emerging in your inner and outer life presently, developments since our last meeting, and the arc that we’ve been following in our work together.

  • We then move into the primary focus of each session—a guided, inwardly-oriented space in which you are supported in listening to what is emerging within you. This is done in a way that fosters felt and embodied listening. As material arises, we encounter it within a healing, evolutionary, and transformative context. We stay in conversation throughout the process as we attend to both the known matters we are discussing and the “implicit” level of what is shifting or emerging. Questions and discussions are always welcome throughout the session.

  • In this work, we are listening for and following the direction emerging from the greater wholeness of who you are; that’s what ultimately leads us.

  • The final component of the session involves discussing what has transpired and allowing insights and experiences to integrate within you and in your life moving forward.

  • While the above outline provides an idea of the basic framework, each session and each person is different, so the way we work together is informed by where you are that day.

I work with people from across the country and internationally via video conferencing (Zoom, Skype, etc.). I also see people in-person for those who live in the Research Triangle area of North Carolina. Sessions typically last about 60 minutes. Private sessions are charged at $80/session (usually via Venmo or PayPal). I also offer discounts for students and those in need. I often see clients weekly or every other week, though it's also possible to work together less regularly. In our first session, we will discuss your preferences and needs and how we might work best together.

Individual Emergent Quest Mentoring

In addition to working with people on an ongoing basis, I also offer tailored, individual journeys that take place over a set period of time, such as three months. Similar in content and scope to the group Emergent Quest, these journeys combine the power of focused one-on-one work with the clear intention, container, and arc offered by a program format. At the outset, we decide together on our meeting frequency and flat fee for the set period (based on a packaged version of the above individual rate), while also discussing our intended arc with the understanding that our curriculum will continue to emerge in response to your own path.

Getting Started

  • Private sessions and tailored courses can be scheduled by contacting me via email or phone—or simply use the contact form below.

  • I also happily offer free 20-minute consultations for exploring if working together feels like a good fit for you. Just ask when you contact me.

  • In addition to private sessions, I lead group courses both online and in-person. See the Courses page for more information.

  • I work with people from all kinds of backgrounds and with a variety of interests and aims. No particular kind of experience is required. Perhaps the only prerequisite for working together effectively is an openness to being in the process of exploring oneself and one’s place in the world.

Some Kind Words

Simon has a gentle strength. He creates a safe space where I feel free to explore going really deep, and I experience being seen, listened to, and supported. His instincts and intuitions are a great guide to allowing healing for what’s ready to be healed.
— Scott, Pittsboro, NC
I cherish you, the many lessons you have taught me, and the simple, graceful and authentic way you carry yourself and make contact with soul. I am very grateful for our time together.
— Sarah, Toronto, ON
I value and appreciate your wisdom and I am so lucky to have had you as a guide. You have an ageless soul and a calming, grounding presence that I really admire.
— Madison, Raleigh, NC
It is work that enriches my being. I feel honored to know you and to have transformed through what I’ve learned.
— Michelle, Greensboro, NC
Simon is an incredibly gifted facilitator whose unique skills, intuitive insights, and integrated depth of wisdom combine to form a powerful process of authentic, somatic discovery of one’s inner dimensions. Simon has a gentle presence and creates a space for one to contemplate, heal, and reveal new aspects of self. He guides one into layers of acceptance and illuminates the aspects of self that need healing. His reflective questions, deep listening and techniques allow one to touch the core of one’s inner self where the truth resides.
— Jess, Greensboro, NC

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