All or Nothing (lyrics), Simon Spire

All or Nothing

{ words & music by Simon Spire }


The world has started to shine

Or has it only begun?

Or has it finally died?

Something’s changed – it’s gone

Goodbye to all that I loved

Arm’s length is not enough

I’ll sell my shadow and all

My soul exchanging something whole

I’d take all that

I’ve dreamed and then I’d

Give it up, give it all up and

Die just one more time

Until it’s real until I see

Through Faustus’s eyes and



Every color fades to black and white it’s gloom

Nothing’s real anymore to me but you

And I can tell it’s all or nothing

I see now it’s all or nothing

Bury me I choose – all I want is you


I would build the world just like new

And then I’d drop it at once

And leave it all for you

I can’t stop till I see

Everything I thought was me

Alone and dead on the floor

There’s nothing more for me






That’s why

I’m taking it all away I’ll say

Goodbye, I’m leaving it all if I could

Stare a little more at the sun I’m done

Move a little closer till it’s gone and then

I’d take my life and name and burn it all – gone – it’s all the same

Nothing can give me what I want

Nothing can give me what I want




As recorded on the album ALL or NOTHING:

  • Simon – vocals, guitars
  • Ralf Illenberger – additional guitar
  • Eddy Barattini – drums
  • Troy Perkins – bass
  • Eric Miller – background vocals