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No Solid Ground review by Tom Haugen at TheBykeRack.

Simon Spire- No Solid Ground

Think you’re already well versed in every must hear singer/songwriter? If so and you’re not familiar with New Zealand’s Simon Spire it’s time to become acquainted. Though Spire has a forthcoming full length slated for a release date this year, he’s just dropped this precursor to the album- a 5 song EP to test the waters of this rising star with an extraordinary talent for forthright and introspective songcraft.

Drawing parallels to luminaries like Pete Yorn or Ben Kweller, Spire bridges the gap between indie-rock and pop sensibilities with a universally accessible sound. Possessing a voice that resonates with perfect clarity, Spire relates personal musings and timeless reflection that succeeds in releasing enough disclosure to keep you hanging on every word but never so much that you’re left cringing at the details.

Coming in just under 20 minutes, this is an EP that leaves you wanting more and there’s little doubt in my mind much of the world is going to be hearing a lot more of Simon Spire in the very near future. Worth the price of admission for the first track alone- an upbeat, guitar driven rocker that might be what Ryan Adams sounds like on prozac- this is the perfect introduction to a songwriter that just might be a household name this time next year.

– Tom Haugen

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One Response to Simon Spire review, TheBykeRack

  1. Karina & Dan Glaser says:

    Awesome review! I definitely think Tom Haugen has excellent taste in music.

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