Simon Spire Review – Four-Letter Words – M2 Magazine

Simon lives the quintessential rock-star lifestyle. The Auckland-born singer-songwriter
lives and works in New York City and regularly jets back to continue his musical passion
in New Zealand. This album is Simon stripped back, exposing accumulated experiences
to his beloved Kiwi audiences. From the pop ballad, “No Solid Ground” to the vulnerable
and questioning, “The Blue Pill” to the rock-riffing, melodic “Knocking On An Open Door,”
Spire is a musically diverse talent with a Midas touch for great hooks. The album is a clean,
intelligent, no-nonsense expression of pop-rock and its sincerity connects from Spire’s
well-strummed guitar directly to his appreciative fan base. To know Simon is to know that
hours of punishing attention to detail have gone into creating this album. And input from
producers, Rich Mercurio and Lee Nadel, who have worked in a wide range of genres
with artists like Regina Spektor, Enrique Iglesias and Jewel, has made this collaboration a
paradigm of sublime. This project is an extension of Spire’s journey of discovery. If you can’t
make one of his New Zealand tour concerts – this is the next best thing.

Music review by Heemi Katene-Hill for M2 Magazine, New Zealand, May 2011.

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