Remember, remember…

…the 5th of November. Or the 4th, really…BUT, the 5th is the first day that the US woke to the reality of Barack Obama as its next president. AND, I happen to be in New Zealand for one more week, so for me, the election took place on Wednesday the 5th (my NZ bias creeping in).

Regardless of a person’s individual politics – liberal or conservative leaning – I think this is a powerful moment. And not just because of the racial significance. But because it represents a moment of true choice. At a time of great uncertainty for our world, the most powerful and influential nation has chosen a new direction. It’s all too easy, in times of crisis, to succumb to the grip of fear and to simply react to the situation, rather than respond to it. The U.S. has responded. It didn’t react by being ruled by its fears, holding onto the familiar and choosing to stay the same course for fear of the unknown. It responded by being willing to change. And that’s a lesson for all of us, I think.

I guess we’ll see how much change is possible as the next four years progress. But for now, I’m remembering this election as an overwhelmingly encouraging reminder, and a celebration, that our willingness and power to choose is still alive and kicking!!!

As I said, this all took place in New Zealand on November 5th which, incidentally (coincidentally?), is the day we usually commemorate the attempted destruction of the British houses of parliament, by Guy Fawkes, in 1605. We do so by letting off fireworks.

So, I did see some fire in the sky. However, I had a band rehearsal that night with my New Zealand rockers – we’re preparing for an appearance on Studio 2 next week and for an appearance at Bob Geldof’s (Live AID, Band AID, ‘Do they know it’s Christmas’) New Zealand event on Friday the 14th. We’ll be performing before he takes the stage for his keynote speech. Very excited. More info:

And, lastly, I shot the “Hiding So Long” music video last week.  Very cool concept by the director, Luke Sharpe – I can’t wait to see the finished result (end of this month)!

Below are photos from recent shows in Allston, MA and New York. Thanks for coming along!

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