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Newness on the way »

New acoustic recordings, a new website, and updates are coming soon.

Art of the Song and Channel One »

Simon is featured on Art of the Song Creativity Radio in an hour-long interview and song-listening episode. Hear Art of the Song on over 150 public radio and NPR stations throughout the U.S. The show will also be available on the Art of the Song website next week, and is available right now to subscribers at the Standing “O” Project, an exciting new musical community founded by the creators of Art of the Song.

Simon has also progressed to the semi-finals of Channel One’s Artist of the Year competition. Follow the link to vote!

And check out this recent interview by Alessandra Donnelly at the Aquarian Weekly.

Happy 2013 »

News fit for the beginning of a new year:

No Solid Ground is featured on tonight’s new episode of Teen Mom on MTV.

Simon’s acoustic performance of Uncomfortable for an upcoming episode of NBC’s Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase is now available for viewing online. Click here.

Simon was also recently interviewed for Art of the Song, airing soon on various public and NPR radio stations throughout the U.S.

And read reviews from the Four-Letter Words album release press showcase in November here and here.

The Uncomfortable music video is featured on and continues airing in San Francisco, Chicago, and throughout the country in various outlets, with radio play for the single now starting.

Album release and airplay »

Four-Letter Words is out now! Get it on iTunes here.

The Uncomfortable music video has begun airing in Chicago on JBTV and in San Francisco on California Music Channel. It’s also playing nationwide in numerous retail stores and on Music Choice.

DigBoston and Critiqulous review Four-Letter Words, with DigBoston calling Simon “as enigmatic as they come” and labeling it “brilliant guitar pop” with “mind-reeling aesthetics.” Read more here.

Album release approaching »

Monday, October 22nd marks the official worldwide digital release of Four-Letter Words. Get it on iTunes here. As part of release week, AOL Music is hosting a listening party for the album. Check it out here.

Simon has partnered with socially-conscious fashion brand Jatalo, which supports education for children in need around the world. For each backpack Jatalo sells, they donate a year’s worth of textbooks to a child in need, supporting education in India, Tanzania, and elsewhere. Their designs draw inspiration from around the world and they are a hot new socially-conscious brand that we hope you will check out! Simon is proud to be involved with Jatalo; stay tuned for more news and check out Jatalo online and this week’s promotion by 1Band1Brand.

Coming up:

Voice of America’s Border Crossings show on October 19th at 11am EDT

Filming for an upcoming episode of the Jimmy Lloyd Songwriter Showcase

More news on the Uncomfortable music video

And the Aquarian Weekly reviews Four-Letter Words, saying:

After listening to this album, one hopes that this musician will be the future of indie pop. If he can pull this off, it would be for the benefit of the genre as well as the industry.


“Uncomfortable” music video released! »

The Uncomfortable music video is released today! View the modern-day rendition of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave at the bottom of this page (“Current Video”), or follow the link below. More information can be found on the video’s YouTube page:

The video is also featured on AOL Music

Also, catch Simon’s performance and interview on Voice of America’s Border Crossings on October 19th

“Uncomfortable” out now! »

The new single, Uncomfortable, is out now! Listen to the new track in the SoundCloud player below.

Uncomfortable available on iTunes by clicking here.

Uncomfortable music video to be released on October 2nd.

Single release; Video release; Album release. »

New single, Uncomfortable, is set for release on September 10th, with the single’s music video being released later in the month and the US and worldwide release of Four-Letter Words taking place on October 22nd!

Catch the singles airing on Channel One Networks beginning August 27th, and stay tuned for more upcoming features and appearances.


U.S. radio begins »

Four-Letter Words begins airing on U.S. radio this week. Tracks from the upcoming album can be heard on the following stations: KPCW Park City, UT; KRVS Lafayette, LA; WHFC Bel Air, MD; KSER Seattle, WA; WVIA, Pittson, PA; WORT, Madison, WI; KVNF, Paonia, CO.

Also this month, the Liberate Your Love music video is featured on — stay tuned for more radio news and for details on the upcoming music video for new single Uncomfortable.

AND…catch Liberate Your Love on mtvU beginning June 11th!

New single “Uncomfortable” finalized »

The completion of mixing and mastering for upcoming single, Uncomfortable, marks the end of the recording phase for the new album, Four-Letter Words. Stay tuned for single and video release dates, tour dates, and more. In the meantime, check out some of the recent No Solid Ground EP reviews:

Performer Magazine review

Relate Magazine review