There goes another historic day for the USA that I am witnessing from the Southern Hemisphere. For someone who seems to talk way too much about Ellis Island, I sure have a knack for missing those moments.  Not that I’m complaining about the balmy Auckland summer after arriving here a week ago from snowy New York. And with the launch of Hiding So Long in New Zealand, as well as the final rehearsals with my NZ band before we begin our NZ shows, there’s really nowhere else I would rather be. But I do feel a certain desire to connect to the current Stateside excitement of the moment. I tried to console myself, after watching the inauguration early this morning NZ time, with the knowledge that I did, in fact, experience much of the lead-up to this day in the US…


However, making my way through the d

ay, that didn’t quite satisfy…

Until it dawned on me that I had already been unwittingly swept up in the gravity of the inaugural spirit!  Behold, my inaugural Southern Hemisphere kale purchase. Yes, it may surprise you to learn that this favorite vegetable of mine has so far been a treat enjoyed only outside of good old NZ, despite having lived most of my life here. It’s not so easy to come by in these parts…but as fate would have it, today was deemed worthy of this monumental first.


The good stuff: Kale

The good stuff: Kale.

…oh yeah, the bag’s already half-empty.

Feeding off of the organic momentum of this realization, I had a second sudden flash of insight: this week is the inaugural TV appearance of the “Hiding So Long” music video in the United States. Thanks Channel One! “Hiding So Long” will be blasting over the airwaves around the country this week.

And in case there were still any doubt in my mind surrounding my current location, I was soon reminded that February marks Hiding So Long’s inaugural radio feature throughout New Zealand, on The Edge and Classic Hits networks. The inaugural spirit is all around.

Seeing it’s been so long since my last post, I never got to share the fun of the Dinner With Bob Geldof show in New Zealand…so here’s a shot to finish this inaugural 2009 blog post:

Simon Spire performing at Dinner with Bob Geldolf

Performance at the Dinner with Bob Geldof event

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One Response to Inaugurama

  1. Diane says:

    That’s adorable! Best Blog. I’m sure Obama would be happy to know you’ve been busy inaugurating too.

    BTW, That’s SO FUNNY that you like kale that much. My mom used to always make us eat it growing up. Maybe I shoulda grown up in New Zealand!!!!!

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