In New Zealand (and “Inside Out” music video)

I knew I was home when I received a call from the affable guy setting up a guitar of mine. It’s a Taylor acoustic, and needed some adjustments made. He said to me, “I see that there’s been no arrangement made for payment – let’s make it a box of beers.” I wasn’t sure that he was serious, but then he continued talking about lowering the action of my guitar, and keeping an eye on the wood in this damp, wintry weather. So, a box of beers it was. In fact, he had specified that he wanted none of the ‘cheap stuff’, that it should be something nice, and that he wouldn’t be at the guitar store to receive the beers, but that the rest of the boys would enjoy them. Nice work. I love it. Actually, when delivering the stash, I had to check with the guy at the counter – “Is this a ‘box’ of beers – a box of twelve? Is that correct?” He approved. The exchange was made. The invoice I received merely said, in the space for payment, “Beer.” Confirmation of what I am often told by non-New Zealanders: “New Zealanders are friendly.”  Yes we are!

So here I am, for longer than usual, in Auckland preparing for the New Zealand release of ALL or NOTHING. It’s an exciting stage of the album’s life, being released on a Sony/BMG-distributed label named Rajon Music: last week we were meeting with the music TV channels to show them the Inside Out video clip, which was only just now completed – catch it before it hits the airwaves (I hope!!!). More news to come.

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  1. MM says:

    Great video! Very hot.

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