In a sexy state

New York State, that is. How can one explain the sudden excitement that has gripped New York so far this year, what with the NY Giants’ Superbowl win in February; Governor Spitzer’s sudden resignation amid a prostitute scandal; and now the new Governor Paterson’s frank sex-talk the day after taking office? I can only assume it’s a direct result of my recent arrival to the state, given my pro-football accolades and long history of involvement with high-class prostitutes and extra-marital affairs.

Really, though, I couldn’t have hoped for a more exciting initiation into the world of Superbowl earlier this year: my first Superbowl experience, and my new city’s team, cast as the underdogs against the undefeated Patriots, ride to victory in the final dramatic minutes of the game. The room erupts, we storm the Manhattan streets to drunken chants of – well, I couldn’t quite work out what they were saying – and, in a flash of realization, I understand what football’s all about. I’m sold.

Incidentally, the members of my new band happened to be at the event that night. After auditioning players during the previous week, with the help of a great guy here in the city who knows about such things, I now have a new band which is right about now getting ready to rock. These guys are a dream to play music with and, although we encountered a couple of hurdles earlier in our rehearsal scheduling, we’re getting all geared up for upcoming shows, including an out-of-state adventure…more to be revealed regarding dates soon.

Until then, I’m returning to New Zealand for part of April for the launch of ALL or NOTHING there (so excited to get to release my CD in good-old NZ!); I’ve had some magazine interviews, which has been a very interesting and cool experience; and you may have noticed that I have a new blog page. Take a look around:

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It’s photo time:

Snow Downtown

Downtown on a snowy Sunday with friends.
Look – I finally learned how to tie a scarf! (Thanks for the tip, Linda.)

Empire Eclipse

Feb 20th lunar eclipse begins, with Empire State Building in view.
Yeah, I know it’s not really visible. I guess you had to be there.

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  1. Massimo says:

    Hey, I didn’t know that New Zealanders refer to themselves as Kiwi, I did some research and I found out about all the history (I love wikipedia) Also I was saying that my city Verona is a great producer of kiwi… I was meaning kiwi fruit and not kiwi birds… man…. all this kiwi! Now I’m looking on line for New Zealand’s traditional percussion instruments…

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