“Hiding So Long” video, Bitter End photos

Below are several photos from the Bitter End show on Thursday night. Thank you to the wonderfully energetic and rocking audience that made for such a fun night! As yet, I have no news to report regarding my dedication of “You, You, You” to Neil Diamond (who, as I mentioned, frequently played the Bitter End back in the day, and returned a month ago for a secret show). Either he’s flattered beyond words, or the news has not reached him. I’m guessing the former.

But before the photos from the show, I have recently posted a music video of Hiding So Long on YouTube. We shot this some time ago, at the very beginning of the recording of ALL or NOTHING, when a photographer/videographer friend was in town (Sedona, AZ).

By the way, the Inside Out music video (the behind-the-scenes clip is on an earlier post) is still on the way, but should be ready very soon!!!

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2 Responses to “Hiding So Long” video, Bitter End photos

  1. Massimo says:

    when u gonna post the video?

  2. Max Brown says:

    Awesome shots and video mate, would love to come to a show. Maybe I’ll have to do a bit of a mission to NYC sometime in the near future! Keep it coming!! Max

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