2008: ALL or NOTHING

Simon Spire ALL or NOTHING 2009
Released: 2008
Track List
  1. Inside Out lyrics
  2. More or Less lyrics
  3. Hiding So Long lyrics CHORDS
  4. Dying Daily lyrics
  5. Alive lyrics
  6. No More Words lyrics
  7. Sweet Release lyrics
  8. Gone at Dawn lyrics
  9. You, You, You lyrics
  10. All or Nothing lyrics
Album Credits
  • All words and music by Simon Spire
  • Album produced by Ralf Illenberger
  • Executive Producer: Lenedra Carroll
  • Mixed by Michael Barbiero
  • Mastered by Greg Calbi, Sterling Sound, NYC
  • Distributed in New Zealand through Rajon/Sony
  • Click on the LYRICS links above to view studio/instrument credits by song
Read Simon’s comments about the album title, ALL or NOTHING, here.
Where To Purchase
Purchase in-store at:
  • The Warehouse, New Zealand
  • The CD and DVD Store, New Zealand
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One Response to 2008: ALL or NOTHING

  1. Jasper Cavanaugh says:

    I LOVE this album!! It’s fantastic! =D

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