Airing on Music TV and album release!

It’s almost release day here in New Zealand! ALL or NOTHING goes into stores throughout New Zealand on August 18th on the Sony/BMG-distributed Rajon label – this is the first domino to fall in the snow-balling ALL or NOTHING tsunami (oh yeah, I think I just combined three metaphors.)

I’m fond of lame puns, so here is one for the occasion…an acoustic recording of Sweet Release. Yes, I hope it is a sweet release of the album indeed. My friend and keyboardist, Neil Shah, got together not long before I departed NYC for NZ to see what happened if we played my songs with only guitar and piano. Such fun! Here is the link to one of the recordings we made during that rehearsal.

The song felt a lot different in this arrangement, and somewhat changed the meaning of it for me, too. I’m back to NYC in September, and if you’re in New York or Boston, we’ll be rocking out with the full band.

The other news is, the Inside Out music video is airing on MTV and C4 in New Zealand! Click on the links to request the song (you’ll be asked to join with a name and email address before requesting).

New Zealand photos to come in the next blog post. See you soon!

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