A tourist in my own country

With Round 1 of the New Zealand ALL or NOTHING phase complete, I’m back in New York and rocking out with the band. It was a great trip back home: as well as the obvious catching-up with family and friends, the album release in NZ was a wonderful way to kick off the official ALL or NOTHING phase, and I also began to put together a band for New Zealand shows. The music took me on a fun journey around different parts of NZ for TV and radio, from my base in Auckland to Wellington and then Christchurch, during which I met a number of very cool people. I also devised a couple of little adventures on my own when the wintry weather permitted…a sampler follows. Off now to Rockwood Music Hall on the Lower East Side to play a show.

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4 Responses to A tourist in my own country

  1. Nice … so is working like a big watch 😀

  2. Randy Tang says:

    Alexandra – I’ve never been to New Zealand before, but it looks like a sundial. Simon’s shadow is somewhere between the 1 and the 2, which I think is why the caption reads 1:45pm – the shadow cast indicates the time.

  3. Why are those stone runes in the pic with the botanical garden? I mean what do they symbolize?

  4. KDR says:

    It was so great to see you on Studio 2 Simon! You rock! I tried to win an All or Nothing t-shirt, but missed out. Hope you start selling them online soon!!!!


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